Rose Mae Alcazar is an HR Analyst from EDC’s Negros Oriental office.

A Day in the Life of Working from Home

My alarm goes off at 7:30 AM during work days. After coming to my senses, I immediately start thinking about all the things that I need to do throughout the day. I also try to motivate myself for the challenges ahead of me.

It has become my habit to check my emails first, with a cup of coffee in hand. Then I try to get some work done before attending my first Zoom meeting for the day. Our Employee Engagement team meeting starts and we are usually joined by the SMEs of the specific event we are planning for. We then discuss all ongoing preparations—finalizing the event’s time and date, creating the event flow, identifying the event’s host and scriptwriter, scheduling technical runs, and releasing posters and calendar invites to all employees.

The meeting ends after everyone has been assigned their individual tasks.

Before I proceed to the next activity in my list, I find some quiet time to recalibrate and ground myself (we all need that, right?). I take a deep breath, then proceed with the rest of my day sending calendar invites, creating and designing engaging posters (which is a different challenge of its own), seeking approval from internal clients, and putting up new and upcoming employee activities in the “What’s Up” page so fellow employees are aware of important dates and schedules. In between all these, I find time to open the work emails that have accumulated so I can attend to other equally important or urgent concerns related to my role (not to mention the intermittent “chats” that pop up throughout the day which bring up more of the same).

Before I realize it, the clock reminds me it’s already 5:00 PM.

Each day is different. Some days can be dragging, while others bring much fulfillment and a strong sense of accomplishment. What helps me the most is carefully planning my personal time and activities after work to have fun and enjoy myself with my friends and loved ones. I then make sure to get enough rest at night to come back recharged the next day.

Good powers EDC. We engage both internal and external stakeholders in our operations and commit to uplifting and improving their lives. Working with others broadens our reach and extends our positive impact. Everyone becomes our partner in social development—our employees, contractors, suppliers, host communities, industry alliances, media, the academe, non-government organizations, people’s organizations, local government units, government regulatory agencies, and customers.

We seek to bring out the best in our people, which is reflected in our employment practices and workplace culture. We also aim to develop our external stakeholders through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

In caring for our people, we uphold the highest governance standards under our policies, operate with international best practices, and respond to global investor expectations concerning sustainability. Further, we ensure compliance with national and local regulations in all our operations and locations. It is also integral for EDC to enhance development opportunities for people within our areas of influence. We also ensure that we demonstrate respect for human rights in all our operations. EDC does not practice forced or compulsory labor, nor do we employ child labor.