A regenerative purpose: looking after our stakeholders during the pandemic

We strive to not only maintain harmonious
relationships with our host barangays, primary
partner barangays (PPBs), neighboring communities
along our project access roads as major stakeholders
of the company, but more so to elevate their lives as
the company progresses. The relationships we’ve
nurtured were put to the test, as our stakeholders
were also impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Thus, we helped strengthen their resilience by
partnering with their local government units. We
aimed to improve their capabilities in responding
to the threats of the pandemic through various
initiatives, such as donation of medical facilities and
equipment, food supplies, and establishing reverse
transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR)
laboratories in eight provinces, a testament to our
pampamilyang malasakit.

EDC also cultivated strong partnerships with local
communities, academe, government and private
agencies by providing opportunities for these
stakeholders to participate in reforestation and
biodiversity through the BINHI Program. Through
BINHI’s livelihood programs, forest and farmer
communities were empowered in terms of food
security and income generation. Moreover, by
caring for our geothermal watersheds that comprise
127,608 hectares of forestlands, we absorb over
1.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent
(tCO₂e) each year, while our operations emit only
a little over 966,000 tCO₂e. Thus, making EDC a
carbon negative company.

In 2021, we also invested around PHP 109.8
million towards our strategic CSR programs,
including investments in reforestation, infrastructure
development; disaster preparedness and response;
information, education, and communication (IEC)
activities; and the external relations and sociocultural activities of our primary partner barangays.
Our strategic CSR programs currently benefit 52
primary partner barangays across all our areas
of operation in Bicol, Ilocos Norte, Leyte, Negros
Island, and North Cotabato. These programs also
impact the 12 host barangays in our FG Hydro
facilities in Nueva Ecija, and the 109 upland
community associations that serve as our partners in
our watershed management programs.