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In December 2021, Super Typhoon Rai, locally  known as Odette, hit the provinces of Visayas and  Mindanao. One night of strong winds and heavy  rains caused over half a billion dollars of damages  in the country’s agriculture and fisheries. EDC was  quick to help and worked with the local power  providers to restore electricity in the localities.  


As a country geographically positioned to face  an average of 20 typhoons annually, we feel the  extreme effects of the worsening climate crisis. From  these experiences, we responded by adapting and  pushing forth our regenerative agenda. We invested  our financial capital in typhoon-proofing our  manufactured capitals (facilities). We utilized IBM’s  weather forecasting technology as an intellectual  capital to help us and our communities prepare for  the impacts of typhoons.  


These proved to be valuable investments as the  minimal damage allowed us to immediately assist  our affected employees, contractors, and the  residents of the areas where we operate—further  strengthening our relationship with the communities.  One example is our project in Ormoc, Leyte,  wherein EDC and the local government developed  a disaster preparedness plan that better equips the  province to mitigate natural hazards such as severe  typhoons. Through this, we expedited the restoration  of the power connectivity in the affected areas and  boosted the preparedness of the local government  we operated in.  


As we give back and create value for our  stakeholders, they join us in the journey of becoming  better stewards of the earth, aid us in our operations  with their talents, and bring value to our customers  and the Company. These are translated into  robust business growth, which will feed again into  empowering EDC to fulfill its purpose.  


Our EDC values, the relationship among our capitals  at our disposal, and our business model as an  organization, all work together to create value for  our stakeholders. We go beyond renewable energy  and elevate everything we touch. We seek to uplift  the lives of our stakeholders, promote customer  satisfaction, and ensure optimum contribution to the  growth of the organization, the development and  empowerment of society, and the healing of our  environment.