Converting farmers from Kaingineros to Forest Stewards

EDC also partnered with individuals and institutions  to help manage its 270,000 hectares of geothermal  watersheds throughout the country, comprising  1% of the national total land area. We tapped  around 90 farmer associations to join EDC’s  reforestation campaign, with the former slash-andburn (kaingeros) farmers successfully converted into  forest protectors.  


One of the important stories of conversion was from  the farmers of Baslay in Dauin, Negros Oriental.  Three generations of farmers shifted from using slashand-burn techniques to becoming forest protectors,  relying on the environment for their livelihood. EDC  shared the value of the forest and how it will benefit  future generations. Today, the farmers actively  join EDC in its mission of regeneration. The Baslay  Farmers Association (BFA), with EDC’s help, is now  operating the Baslay Coffee Program.