Our mission to forge collaborative pathways for a  decarbonized drives us in setting our operations  to achieve carbon neutrality. Through our BINHI  Program, EDC effectively sequesters carbon,  making us a net carbon negative organization. To  date, we are working on accounting and verifying  our surplus forest carbon which we can sell as  credits in the future. Through BINHI, we have also  maintained our geothermal reservoirs, thus making  us active players in the country’s reforestation. In  its restoration efforts on native tree species, BINHI  follows a Sustainability Policy and field manuals,  while for our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) measuring  and monitoring, we integrated GHG Accounting  Protocols into our operations.  
In 2021, EDC successfully sequestered 1,739,824  tonnes of carbon, with a surplus of 707,425 tonnes  of carbon, providing EDC an additional revenue  stream. BINHI initiatives also engaged employees  and communities to take part in regreening the  nation.