EDC Host Communities

In 2021, our social and relationships capital was focused mainly for our host communities through education and environmental initiatives. We also nurtured existing and forged new partnerships with like-minded NGOs, academic institutions, and private individuals. We also worked closely with national government agencies and local government units across all our project sites.

Giving back to our host communities and elevating the lives of everything we touch is critical to EDC. Through our CSR programs on education, environment, social enterprises, and local community needs, we help foster self-reliant communities through initiatives that aim to increase access to education, generate economic benefits through profitable social enterprises, and address pressing development challenges at the local level. We also advanced our mission of a regenerative environment through improved management of geothermal reservations by means of enhanced protection of forests and restoration of degraded watershed areas. The EDC greening flagship project, BINHI Program, is directly linked to our natural and social capitals. It enables EDC to contribute to the conservation of natural resources (watersheds within geothermal reservations) and biodiversity, while also uplifting the communities where we operate.

Maintaining a harmonious environment in the social networks of our communities and customers is essential for EDC. This ensures business continuity for the organization, minimal to zero community interventions, strategic CSR programs, stakeholder management, and full compliance to permit and regulatory requirements. We also established more alliances to boost favorable relations within our communities. Our strong community affinity provides EDC with a social fence in field offices and sites. Our strong community affinity provides EDC with a social fence in field offices and sites, allowing us to operate continuously and manage risks from social disturbances. Our alliance with likeminded organizations in sustainable development, renewable energy, and environmental advocacy also elevates this harmonious and productive space for EDC.

These strategic partnerships widen and deepen the development impact of our programs by combining financial, material, technical, and human resources. It also enables EDC to implement more advocacyfocused initiatives to help achieve its CSR goals and target outcomes. Further, our alliance with renowned organizations also validates EDC’s corporate identity as a sustainability model and pioneer of decarbonization and regeneration in the country.

Additionally, EDC explored the digital space by engaging with our customers online. We did this by testing the market appetite through various social media campaigns. These allowed us to gauge the mindset and behavior of our customers while also aligning our content with marketing objectives.