EDC leverages accurate weather forecast with IBM’s The Weather Company, releases early warning during Typhoon Odette

Every year, the impacts of the ongoing climate crisis  intensify. These are evident in the increased number  and frequency of super typhoons and extreme  change in temperatures. To make the best timely  decision for the safety of our workers and plants,  EDC tapped IBM’s The Weather Company (TWC)  tool for advance forecasting and real-time data on  typhoons and other natural disasters.  

IBM TWC provides EDC with “advance and  accurate” weather insights that inform the Company  on its decision regarding plant operations during  extreme weather conditions. The tool also gives  EDC “hyper-local” insights on weather conditions,  applicable throughout all its facilities nationwide.  

The IBM TWC features 15-hourly forecasts and  is deemed as the world’s most accurate weather  forecaster, predicting the possibility of flooding,  landslides, and typhoons. This tool allows  organizations enough time to roll out preventive  measures before the calamity hits.  

As Typhoon Odette struck the country in December  2021, the IBM TWC provided EDC with advanced  insights on its possible impacts. This enabled EDC  to share the information within the organization  and the local government of Ormoc City’s Disaster  Preparedness Team. With these insights, the  local government was able to prepare early and  evacuate some of the residents on the frontlines  of danger. We were likewise able to activate our  disaster preparedness plan to keep our workers safe  and ensure minimal damage to our power plants.  

This partnership is another milestone for EDC in  paving the way for purposeful innovation and  collaboration in the sustainable management of  our indigenous and renewable resources while also  ensuring the safety of our human and social capitals.