EDC Occupational Health Team: Promoting a culture of shared responsibility and workplace safety

To further foster a culture of health and workplace safety within EDC, we strengthened our Occupational Health (OH) Team. This collaborative approach was made possible by bringing together our line management, facility heads, and corporate and site incident management teams.

1. Securing health and welfare of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic
• Enhanced entry screening for personnel and shelter-in-place (SIP) arrangements
• Compliance with health protocols, pre-entry quarantine, and testing
• COVID-19 Delta variant preparatory efforts included air purifiers, medical management supplies, oxygen tanks, concentrators, personal protective equipment (PPE) gears, pulse oximeters, vitamins, and a stock of approved and recommended COVID-19 treatment regimens and supplies
• Assistance to inflicted employees through access to teleconsult and helplines, pandemic care kits, isolation facility hotel with medical personnel, and securing slots for hospitals

2. Strengthening health troops
• Hired two additional doctors to be part of the Occupational Health (OH) Team
• Assigned COVID-19 officers to each site and a COVID-19 specialist fleet-wide

3. Equipping our workforce with vaccine shield
• 99.5% fully vaccinated employees through our parent company, LGUs, stakeholders, and contractors
• OH teams working together with local government units (LGUs)
• Cold storage facilities in each site
• Annual flu vaccine for employees and dependents

4. Leveraging technology in decision making
• Data collection and reporting system for OH teams
• Electronic social distancing tags for on-site workers for enhanced contact tracing were equipped with an alarm that captures data when the required social distancing criteria is breached.

5. Keeping information flowing through communication campaigns
• Launched “Ask Doctors Anything” (ADA) events with internal and external speakers, including representatives from the Department of Health (DOH)
• “Health Top Picks,” which are short talking points released to employees
• Partnership with LGUs and local media empowering leaders to be health advocates

6. Improving the health service delivery system
• Medical Services Reimagining Projects that streamline medical services delivery
• On-site and virtual doctor consultations, along with nursing care, medicine dispensing and delivery, online purchasing, and other clinical services done through a single supplier for streamlined operations

7. Maintaining employee holistic well-being
• Employee Assistance Program for emotional and mental health concerns
• By-appointment counseling services
• Learning sessions on emotional health

Adding to these, EDC and its OH Team successfully acquired the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Safety Seal Certification for all our sites. This brings forward our commitment to implement health protocols in alignment with the guidelines set by the government for the safety of our employees, contractors, suppliers, and society.