EDC wins the prestigious Gawad Tugas Award for Clean Air and Water Stewardship

EDC’s Southern Negros Geothermal Project was  once again awarded the Gawad Tugas recognition  for the Clean Air and Water-Power plant category.  


In its sixth year, the Gawad Tugas Award is  conferred by the Department of Environment  and Natural Resources (DENR) to local  government units, as well as public and private  organizations that go beyond compliance in their  environmental protection activities, conservation,  and management. Innovation, ingenuity, and the  achievement of significant milestones are important  factors considered in the awards as well.  


For more than four decades, EDC has been elevating  everything it touches, particularly the environment  and its stakeholders, including its employees,  customers, communities, suppliers and contractors,  and investors. Its Negros team first won a Gawad  Tugas award in 2015 under the National Greening  Program category.  


During the awarding ceremony, Engr. Debonaire  T. Mamhot, head of EDC’s Southern Negros  Geothermal Facility, highlighted how the recognition  “inspires us to keep on finding ways to not only  go beyond compliance but to also go beyond  sustainability that seeks to do less harm to our planet  and society.”  


Fulfilling its revitalized mission of forging  collaborative pathways for a decarbonized and  regenerative future, EDC also celebrated the  recognition of its Cebu-based customer, Knowles  Electronics Philippines Corporation, which also  won a Gawad Tugas for the Clean Air and WaterManufacturing category. 

Knowles Electronics Philippines Corporation was  also recognized for its own decarbonization and  sustainability programs, including getting 100% of  its power from renewables.