Our people make it possible to achieve our corporate goals. Their welfare and development are of primary importance to us.

Thus, we established and continued to implement an enterprise-wide performance management system, along with individual development plans, to provide everyone with equal opportunities for professional growth and development. Regular discussions and constructive, transparent feedback between employees and their immediate superiors guide career growth among our teams and ensure high employee engagement and satisfaction. Wherever possible, we hire locally to fill our vacancies.

EDC goes beyond minimum wage standards, not only in its head office in Manila, but in all its operating sites, with minimum wages that range between PHP 24,000 to PHP 36,000 for our Rank and File employees. This is above the regional minimum wage ranging from PHP 6,000 to PHP 11,000. We also benchmark our rates with energy industry standards. EDC strives to identify the optimal rewards and recognition mix (monetary and non-monetary) to attract the best talents, retain, engage, and effectively motivate all employees. Retirement benefits are also provided to our regular employees.

We focused on our Human Resource (HR) Service Delivery and Employee Engagement for our Human Capital. Through our Empower Council and its members from the different functional groups and operating sites, we foster collaborative relationships anchored in harmonious discussions. The council also enables the employees to suggest initiatives aligned with their personal interests (e.g., sports, work-life integration activities, company events).

Bringing together employees who share the same passions and advocacies allow us to sustain a high-performing organization. This further drives an internal culture of accountability, performance, orientation, and collaboration.

We also devised a cadetship program for fresh graduates interested in for renewable energy. This would run for six months with allowance incentives and a certification program to increase engagement. After a selection process, the candidates would be hired as junior engineers.

In 2021, EDC also utilized new technology and digitalization for the timely and quality service delivery of HR services. We maintained zero rework on all HR operations-related processes and effectively upheld our employee information, resulting in zero data privacy breach.