Empowering our stakeholders and the future

We empower our stakeholders to become agents  of change and development in their communities.  EDC contributes to the local economy by prioritizing  locally-based suppliers and working closely with  our community organizations and cooperatives.  In 2021, our local spend comprised 70% of our  total purchases. In providing clean and reliable  energy to our customers, we are able to boost their  productivity and engagement in economic activities,  reduce supply chain emissions, and lessen our  carbon footprint.  
We have pursued initiatives and direct investments  in education, enterprise development, biodiversity   conservation, watershed management, and  environmental management. As our services depend  on the health and stability of the environment, we  also invested in ecosystem services to manage the  watersheds in our project sites. We also provided  royalty payments for host communities where our  power projects are located.  
Moreover, EDC conducted stakeholder surveys  to evaluate our performance and monitor key  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance  indicators. This allows us to assess the effectiveness  of our initiatives and their contributions to long-term  inclusive growth and self-reliance in our partner  communities.