Enhancing virtual employee engagement through Power Chats and EDC Boosters

Constant engagement and communication are important in maintaining relationships in the midst of the ongoing work-from-home (WFH) set-up. On top of the other employee engagement initiatives in place, EDC also launched Power Chats in 2021 to connect our leaders through light-hearted 10 to 15-minute video programs, shared with the entire workforce.

Power Chats feature our leaders in a talk show format where they share personal thoughts and insights on certain topics or upcoming projects. The first season mostly featured members of the Management Committee (Mancom), starting off with EDC President and COO Richard B. Tantoco, but succeeding episodes will also feature facility heads, union leaders, team leaders, and project leaders. Eventually, we hope to include leaders from our host communities as well. The interviewer of the program from different departments changes every episode.The short Power Chat video is often released every Wednesday morning, which is considered a “Zoomless time” for EDC.

EDC Boosters, a series of talks on varied key and relevant topics, were also initiated. This series featured experts from different fields. For example, Dr. Ted Esguerra shared his personal COVID-19 story, from treatment to recovery, through Doc TEDTALKS: Lessons from my COVID-19 Story. Meanwhile, Dr. Gia Sison led the talk titled “GYNEto Yan, Mars!” which tackled women’s issues, such as hormones, menopause, and other gynecological matters. In another event, Dr. Sison also headlined the session titled “Unsaid Feelings” which focused on understanding and managing emotions. Francis Kong was also invited to share his insights on “Leading and Living a Productive Life.” The latest EDC Booster was led by Dr. Edsel Salvaña, who discussed the COVID-19 vaccines and the issues surrounding them.