Foundational System Innovations

EDC introduced various innovations within its  systems to improve operational efficiency and asset  management. These include organizational systems,  procedures, and protocols such as the integration  of the ISO requirements on Integrated Management  System: Quality Management System (ISO  9001:2015), Environmental Management System  (ISO 14001:2015), and Occupational Health and  Safety Management System (ISO 45001:2018). In  addition, the Continuous Improvement (CI) Program  was also encouraged within the organization,  generating a value of PHP 4.1 billion from over  5,000 completed initiatives fleetwide from 2019-  2022.  
We further expanded our Intellectual Capital  through digital enhancements, such as the Smart  Steamfield project, investments in new and  alternative technology, higher resolution (i.e., higher  reliability) reservoir modeling, more sophisticated  chemical tracer programs, and collaborations with  partners that improve our operational efficiency. In  Asset Management, we implemented facility-level  governance to promote accountability and accuracy  while also empowering our people to lead.  
We also invested in geoscience studies and research  on explorations and resource management. These  include geohazard monitoring initiatives, utilization  of 3D modeling, drone thermal mapping, and the  use of the Global Navigation Satellite System  (GNSS), to name a few.