Futuristic Innovation

In enhancing its Intellectual Capital, EDC is focused  on integrating a Company-wide IMS certification,  along with sustained engagement and participation  from all employees. We are also gearing our  initiatives toward best-in-class geothermal resource  development and management through the effective  use of data and technology, coupled with industry  best practices in asset management.  
We established a risk-based Well Asset  Management Framework for proper resource  allocation, prioritization of projects and activities,  and protocols for operating critical wells. This  framework enabled us to reduce risks and ensured  the steady availability and reliability of our wells.  
Through investments in purpose-driven innovation,  we leveraged the latest tools, automation, and  digitalization, for immediate intervention. Our teams  developed an analytics model for event prediction  and accurate forecasting of steam flow. As a result,  we minimized well outage, opportunity loss in tubing  blockage, and the cost of monitoring discharge by  improving its electricity dispatch.   
Our well monitoring dashboard powered by  automated data analytics also enabled the  Company to improve its manpower allocation,  shifting the focus from data gathering to analysis.  This led to more efficient decision-making and  proactivity in solving well issues.  
Through alternate technologies, EDC generated  an estimated savings of PHP 7 million per year  on the fleetwide silica inhibitor requirement. This  cost efficiency provided the Company with more  flexibility in resource allocation which enhanced  operational systems and employee welfare.