Key Inputs and Strategic Operations

Through our manufactured capitals, we maximized  power generation from the available steam and  ensured plant reliability and availability for power  generation services. EDC also facilitated the speedy  return to service of equipment affected by physical,  technological, or climate-related impacts.  
With our Facilities Management System (FMS),  we ensured the timely preventive maintenance  servicing of all generating units. FMS also worked  on the optimization of manufactured capital by  drilling additional wells. All of these strengthen the  resilience program of EDC, which is converted into  value for our customers.  
In our geothermal reservoirs, we increased the  geothermal capacity in local and international  projects. We prioritized efficient operations  and development of assets in the near-term and  greenfield projects in the long-term through:
1. Geophysical/geochemical surveys
2. Well utilization strategy
3. Smart instrumentation
4. Installations and automation (calcite/silica inhibition)
5. Regular well surveys (CIC, DHV, etc.)
6. More optimized well and field surveillance
7. Use of Corrosion Resistant Alloy pipes for acidic resource
8. Strategic partnerships/joint venture
(Technical Due Diligence)