Moving Forward

As we continue with this journey, EDC, with our  pioneering status in geothermal energy, is directing  the country towards collaborative efforts for a  decarbonized and regenerative future.  


Operating as the world’s largest 100% vertically  integrated geothermal energy producer and  delivering 1,476.7 Megawatts (MW) of clean,  reliable, and affordable renewable energy  throughout the country, EDC establishes the  Philippines in the global movement of sustainability  and regeneration. We transform our capitals to  create value and establish strategic partnerships  in producing clean energy, while contributing  to the country’s holistic social and ecological  development.  


Adding to this, EDC shifted its role from being a  donor to calamity-affected areas to a catalyst of  change—empowering the local government and  vulnerable communities by providing them with  skills, knowledge, and technologies for guaranteed  employability and climate change resiliency. This  collaborative endeavor also strengthens existing  partnerships and forges new ones.  


Beyond our technological innovations, we aim to  pursue investment opportunities in natural, human,  and engineered systems. Along with these, we also  prioritize community engagement, people and  talent development, and relationship building. These  are incorporated in our targets of expanding and  innovating our renewable energy projects, while  developing mitigation and management systems  to address climate change risks and disasters. By  integrating these within our operations and our  Agile approach, EDC is more than well-equipped to  adapt and innovate along with the changing times.  


The private sector needs to build more multi-sectoral  partnerships. Independent silos and exclusive  working groups no longer serve the greater good.  With inclusive, equitable, multi-level, and adaptive  relationships, we promote and work towards a  shared and intersectional resiliency.