Scholarship Engagement and Mentoring Support

On top of academic excellence, passion, and values, it is also vital for EDC to instill the spirit of environmental advocacy and the mission of regenerative development to its scholars. In 2021, all of our SIKAT scholars contributed to environmental projects that promote environmental sustainability. All of which were student-led, conceptualized, developed, and implemented. They worked under the guidance and support of EDC resource persons and coaches. The individual projects varied from advocacy campaigns, awareness of environmental issues, community engagement, and volunteering activities that invite other students to recycle, cleanup drives, and tree planting.

We also held an annual Solidarity Building and Leadership Workshop for the scholars, titled “Youth Towards a Decarbonized and Regenerative Future.” Inspirational talks and webinar sessions were held to deliver and promote EDC’s regenerative agenda, climate change advocacy, and the importance of communication in leadership.

“Being part of EDC’s SIKAT program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It opened a lot of doors that helped me grow as a person. To the Energy Development Corporation and its partners, thank you. Thank you for helping me reach my dreams. Thank you for changing my life.”

Mae Ann Alejado, EDC Batch 2019 scholar from Valencia, Negros Oriental