Supplier Environmental Assessment

Greening our supply chain was an essential step  for EDC this year. We transact with vendors and  those involved in contracting/subcontracting to  undergo accreditation. Part of the requirements is  the accomplished Health, Safety, and Environment  (HSE) Questionnaire and applicable permits and  certificates to ensure that goods and services will  not cause a significant negative impact on the  environment.  


Some vendor accreditation requirements, whichever  are applicable, are the following:  


1. Duly Accomplished Contractor HSE  Accreditation Questionnaire  

2. Permit to Transport for Hazardous Waste  generated during construction  

3. Permit to Operate for Stationary Source  (Power Plant and Gensets):  

   a) Steam Turbine  

   b) Emergency Diesel Genset  

   c) Diesel Genset/s (for Construction Purposes)  

4. Priority Chemical List Compliance Certificate /  Chemical Control Order Registration  

5. Environmental Compliance Certificate /  Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Certificate