Talent Management, Training, and Development

We provide our people with relevant training and career development support to help them excel in their chosen fields, as well-trained and motivated employees strengthen our place in geothermal power and boost our global reputation. Therefore, we also support employee education, both in the Philippines and abroad. We also finance relevant postgraduate courses and trainings in specialized non-degree courses. EDC also implements a leadership development program to support succession planning and management. We monitor the career development of each person on our team to ensure their growth in the Company. In addition, we invest in upgrading skills and promoting lifelong learning programs to ensure the continued employability of our people and their transition to retirement.

Empowering our internal workforce is a critical part of the division’s role. To create competent employees in a positive environment, we ensure our people are empowered. In 2021, we launched talent development initiatives to meet the supply and demand of capabilities in the industry.

During the year, we initiated T200 recruitment, enterprise onboarding, learning management, and competency assessment and development within our teams. We also introduced technical and training assessments that expand to all our capitals, particularly intellectual and manufactured. We increased competency in our internal governance by closely monitoring, implementing, and executing all the talent management-related processes to build EDC capabilities. To better communicate the talent management processes to the entire organization, we released guidelines and advisories on recruitment, training and development, and career and succession management.

Further, we introduced HR as a strategic business partner with the guidance of our senior leadership in culture formation. This partnership enhanced communication, organizational development, performance , change, and employee management throughout the Company. Through collaboration, we co-created a holistic approach to advance our corporate objectives and people goals, leading to 100% Planning, Assessing, Coaching and Evaluating (PACE) cycle completion.

To ensure our talent requirements for long-term human capital development, we identified five capabilities: Purposeful Innovation, Organizational Agility, Committed Stakeholder Ecosystem, Flexible Generation, and Transformative Integration. We believe that these will propel and sustain us in the future. On the sourcing side, we looked into talents who can help us expand these capabilities. On the development side, we’ve concentrated on competency building to match these capabilities. To equip staff with these skills, programs have been developed and implemented. Design Thinking and Innovation Hackathons were implemented to support innovation; Scrum Master Certifications reinforced our agile culture; Stakeholder Management and the EDC Brand Employee Engagers (BEE) aimed to support the Committed Stakeholder Ecosystem; and numerous training on data science and analytics have been implemented to support flexible generation.