Wind and Solar

In Wind, EDC focused on climate forecasting and  acquiring accurate projections of wind generation,  which improves our prediction of revenue for our  financial capital. We implemented climate modeling  to mitigate incorrect generation forecasts that will  potentially affect wind resources in our Burgos  Wind Project. With enhanced resource allocation,  we ensure excellent service to our customers and  business sustainability for the enterprise.  
For Solar, the EDC Burgos Wind Power Corporation  (EBWPC) Administration building installed solar  panels that cater to daily power requirements. We  also explored different renewable energy sources  in office design such as, but not limited to, solar  rooftops, solar lamps, and solar charges.  
Grass Fire Incident Management mitigated the risk  of grass fire spread. Over the course of three (3)  weeks in June 2021, a series of small-scale grass  fires within and around adjacent areas of the wind  farm were recorded. While these grass fires brought  no significant damage, the CSR team saw the need  to partner with concerned individuals and groups to  prevent such fires from recurring in the future.  
The team met with the Association of Saoit Lot  owners to discuss a possible partnership with the  association. A plan was proposed to give incentives  to lot owners or tenants. Such incentive will only  be given when no grass fire incidents are recorded  within an annual target period. The plan was shared  with the community in a multi-council meeting in  Barangay Saoit together with the EBWPC CSR  team.  
In celebration of the Philippine Environment Month,  EBWPC conducted a tree-planting activity inside the  wind farm. A total of 156 Philippine tree species were  planted, including Igem-dagat which is the adopted  flora flagship species of EDC Burgos, bulong eta, and  ebony. This tree planting activity was participated  by EBWPC employees, contractors, and members of  a People’s Organization in Barangay Saoit.  
EBWPC also partnered with the Mariano Marcos  State University through the Office of the Student  Affairs Services to launch an online activity for  Environment Month. Students within Ilocos Norte  participated in activities such as contests in spoken  word poetry, TikTok, and vlog making. The activities  focused on the EDC theme Forest Restoration: The  Key to A Decarbonized Future.  
In compliance with the Forest Land Use Agreement  (FLAg) conditions, our Wind and Solar operations  also ensured the maintenance of the wind farm  reinstatement areas. This was continuously done  throughout the 4th quarter of 2021. A total of  1,595 seedlings of native trees have been planted  in four (4) separate locations at the Wind Farm.  
Compliance to Tree Cutting Permits (TCPs) were  also observed. Of more than 1 million trees that  need to be planted by EBWPC as a requirement  of the tree cutting permit issued in 2013, a total of  240,920 seedlings still need to be planted by the  end of 2020. EBWPC signed a memorandum of  agreement with the Department of Environment and  Natural Resources (DENR) for the adoption of the  60-hectare National Greening Program (NGP) site  in Barangay Saguigui, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. The  5-year project is in partnership with the Saguigui  Tribal Council, Inc. for the first-year implementation,  where about 50,000 seedlings will be planted. No  major issues have been reported and the survival  rate for the planted seedlings is well above 90%.  For the remaining 190,982 seedlings, EBWPC is  eyeing to adopt two NGP sites in Bangui, Ilocos  Norte, covering an estimated area of 225.1  hectares. Implementation of the project is expected  to commence in 2022.  
In support of BINHI Tree for the Future Program,  EBWPC partnered with 19 schools from Burgos,  Pasuquin, and Bacarra in protecting and planting  the 96 endangered Philippine tree species under  the initiative.