Geothermal Steam

In the geothermal energy industry—geothermal  steam, forest resources, water, and biodiversity  conservation are all important. We are committed  to our transformation journey, so we conduct fit for  purpose activities that improve the cost efficiency of  our power generation. We ensure the protection and  maintenance of these resources in our geothermal  reserves, along with proper management of  recyclable wastes.  
Through our geothermal steam via our brine  optimization power plants, we generate additional  power to serve our customers without significant  carbon emissions. At the same time, geothermal  steam also functions as natural, manufactured  capital for EDC as it generates a Company product.  
Our decarbonization initiatives enhance our  corporate value in terms of financial capital, pushing  us closer towards green financing. Through our  carbon-negative operations, we also increased our  potential generated revenue in addition to the new  revenue streams in the selling of Renewable Energy  Certificates (RECs). Our local communities were  given work opportunities too, thus nurturing our  social and human capitals.  
With the Department of Energy (“DOE”), EDC has  ten (10) geothermal contract areas, each granting  EDC exclusive rights to explore, develop, and utilize  the corresponding resources in the relevant contract  area. EDC conducts commercial operations in four  of its 10 geothermal contract areas as follows:
  • Tongonan, Kananga, Leyte – EDC operates  geothermal steamfield projects in Leyte,  which deliver steam to the Tongonan  geothermal power plant owned by EDC’s  subsidiary GCGI, and the EDC-owned  Unified Leyte geothermal power plants.
  • Southern Negros, Valencia, Negros Oriental  – EDC operates one geothermal steamfield  project in Southern Negros, which deliver  steam to the two GCGI-owned Palinpinon  geothermal power plants and EDCowned Nasulo geothermal power plant.  
  • Bacon-Manito, Albay and Sorsogon –  EDC operates one geothermal steamfield  project, which delivers steam to two  geothermal power plants in Albay and  Sorsogon owned by EDC’s subsidiary BGI.
  • Mt. Apo, Kidapawan, Cotabato – EDC  operates one geothermal steamfield project,  which delivers steam to two EDC-owned  geothermal power plants in Mt. Apo.