10M in 10 movement completes goal in advance: 10 million trees in only 6 years

The 10 Million in 10 for a Greener Negros (10M  in 10) movement achieved its target of growing  10 million seedlings in 10 years ahead of time,  accomplishing the goal in only six years.  


EDC announced this outstanding feat during the  movement’s sixth anniversary online celebration,  with its 268 partners and supporters. With the  theme: Nurturing Nature. Regenerating Our Future,  the movement acknowledged its loyal partners  whose enthusiasm for environmental stewardship  has not faltered despite the world’s ongoing health  and economic crisis.  


The 10 Million in 10 movement was established in  2015 and aimed to bring back the dense forests  of Negros Island. It pursues the mobilization of  community stakeholders to promote environmental  protection and conservation, as well as sustainable  multi-sectoral development, by moving beyond  simple tree planting initiatives and adopting  sustainable reforestation projects.  


So far, the movement reported a seedling survival  rate of 79-85%, and sequestration of 307,552  units of carbon dioxide emissions. The movement  launched with 90 partners in 2015, but has since  expanded with 268 reforestation partners, all  of whom are continuing their efforts despite the  pandemic. Moving forward, EDC aims to surpass its  initial goal and begin growing 15 million trees with  the help of its partners.