EDC Integrated
Report 2022

Financial Capital

Our financial capital refers to the funds and investments used to sustain and expand operations. As a leading geothermal energy producer in the Philippines, EDC’s financial capital is critical for funding geothermal projects and maintaining its market position. The financial capital is interdependent with other capitals, including human, natural, and social capital. For instance, investing in employee training can boost operational efficiency and increase cost savings, leading to financial growth. Effective natural resource management can enhance the company’s reputation and social license to operate, contributing to financial success. Thus, EDC’s financial capital is best understood within the context of the broader strategy and management of all its capitals.

Contribution to SGDs


  • [Debt/Equity] Nurture banking/lender/investor relationships to further ESG commitments and Net Zero Carbon commitments
  • Regular monitoring and managing of  Interest Rate and Forex risks
  • Ensure no loan defaults
  • Negotiated floating rate term loan structure to manage the interest costs of new loans.
  • Regular monitoring of various economic indicators, forex, interest and hedging rates
  • Outputs

  • [Debt] Fully funded business plan
  • Zero Loan Defaults
  • Not more than 10% unfavorable deviation on IR risk and Forex bottom line loss,
  • Regulatory reports submitted on time
  • [Grants] USAID grant for feasibility study and JCM subsidy/sale of carbon credit secured to fund growth projects
  • [Equity] Dividends fully paid as declared
  • Value Created

  • Managed both the foreign exchange risk as well as the interest rate risks in 2022.
  • Risks

  • [Debt/Equity] Interest rate risk, forex risk
  • Inability to source funds for growth or refinancing
  • From Daily Huddles to Digitization: Navigating Change at EDC

    My day starts with a daily huddle where we go through what needs to be done for the day, discuss what was accomplished the previous day, and ensure that we use a tool called Jira to track the progress of our projects and activities. From there, I spend my day meeting with people, answering process questions, running through emails, and working on mini-projects. As a Performance Analysis Specialist at EDC, I streamline business processes in the Supply Chain Management department. My primary responsibility is ensuring the tools’ expectations are met and creating presentations when necessary.


    I’ve been working at EDC for almost five years, and one of the most significant changes I’ve witnessed is the shift toward Agile methodology. This new project management framework has made our jobs more exciting, engaging and collaborative.  We work from home, which has increased our productivity. As someone responsible for digitizing, I ensure that the only way we work is digital, which has helped with adoption and learning. We started this as early as January 2020 even though the lockdown began in March 2020. It was not difficult to convince vendors to join in since everyone was already evolving.


    I stay in EDC because the industry’s nature aligns with my sustainability values. Renewable energy is the future, and I don’t want to work for a company that destroys the environment. EDC treats its employees very well and is very people-focused. During the lockdown, they set aside money to help employees and even provided a budget for people to take up interests while at home. Our manager, Ricky, always stresses the importance of spending time with our loved ones and not obsessing over work. During my breaks, I spend time with my dogs, and my closest friends in EDC are in my department in Strategic Sourcing. We’re roughly the same age and have similar backgrounds, so we schedule hangouts even outside of work. 


    Being regenerative means finding ways to eliminate waste, make things more efficient, and exceed the level of service that was there before. I achieve this by looking at the process, identifying and eliminating the inefficiencies, and making that time productive. 


    Working at EDC is rewarding, and I take pride in being part of a company dedicated to making a difference in creating a better future for everyone. 

    - Kyle Chua, Performance Analysis Specialist