About the Cover

Water is our most valuable and vulnerable natural resource. The cover of EDC’s 2021 Integrated Report highlights what happens when the climate crisis reaches and ravages life under water—from rivers and lakes to oceans and seas—damaged ecosystems eventually create losses in livelihood.

We know what is at stake when climate change arrives on our shores. It is high time to act on solutions.

It starts with water that collects underground and is heated naturally by the planet’s core. This heat produces steam, which runs turbines that produce power for homes, businesses, schools, and hospitals without generating greenhouse gases.

This same water sustains life—allowing trees to grow, biodiversity to flourish, fisherfolk to make a living, and for everyone to thrive. In extracting this valuable raw resource, we are cognizant of the need to give back and ensure its good condition before the worsening climate crisis caused by human activity fully depletes it. Sustaining is no longer good enough. We changed gears and shifted our focus. We must regenerate—fast.

We championed the solutions we co-create with our stakeholders, driven by heritage and expertise. With healthy water sources, the entire ecosystem thrives. The forests are restored in their verdant glory with rich biodiversity; our waters support all forms of life; our people and communities flourishing—empowered, and self-reliant. By elevating the nation as we all advance toward progress, EDC takes the lead by forging collaborative pathways for a decarbonized and regenerative future.