Capability for predicting reservoir performance

EDC has developed an internal capability for  predicting reservoir behavior. An example of this  predictive capability is the Leyte Sweetspot study  which was based on a risk analysis approach to  determine the level of generation to be maintained  for the field in the next 10 years, given the long  production history and present subsurface condition  in the field.  
“Sweetspot generation” is a level of generation  wherein the reservoir management issues are  managed with sufficient mitigation measures. We  employed numerical and statistical modeling to  better understand the reservoir and wellbore  processes affecting the steam availability of  Leyte. Parameters such as steam flow decline rate,  pressure decline and well retirement, cooling,  deposition, were then identified and correlated with  the extraction level to determine how the risk level  changes as a function of the steam generation.  
The Leyte Sweetspot study produced an optimum  steam production level for Leyte. At this level of steam  extraction, the team believes that the field can be  sustainably operated for the next 10 years without  overwhelming resource management issues.