Biodiversity Protection of biodiversity is not only a part of our overall commitment to environmental stewardship, but also ensures the health of our geothermal reservoir. The geothermal reservations and project sites of EDC are important habitats of wildlife. EDC implements its Biodiversity Conservation & Monitoring Program (BMCP) with its in-house team of wildlife biologists and… Continue reading Biodiversity

Water Withdrawal

Water Withdrawal EDC utilizes water for both domestic and operational  purposes. Our geothermal assets use water in  various phases of our operations: for drilling, power  plant cooling towers, and washing equipment  during maintenance activities.   EDC ensures that all water sources in the sites are  permitted, monthly consumptions are in compliance  with regulatory limits, and… Continue reading Water Withdrawal

Wind and Solar

Wind and Solar In Wind, EDC focused on climate forecasting and  acquiring accurate projections of wind generation,  which improves our prediction of revenue for our  financial capital. We implemented climate modeling  to mitigate incorrect generation forecasts that will  potentially affect wind resources in our Burgos  Wind Project. With enhanced resource allocation,  we ensure excellent service… Continue reading Wind and Solar


Decarbonization Our mission to forge collaborative pathways for a  decarbonized drives us in setting our operations  to achieve carbon neutrality. Through our BINHI  Program, EDC effectively sequesters carbon,  making us a net carbon negative organization. To  date, we are working on accounting and verifying  our surplus forest carbon which we can sell as  credits in… Continue reading Decarbonization​

Working as a Site Forester during the Pandemic

Rich Paul Cosio is a Forester and Watershed  Management Officer at EDC-Mt. Apo Geothermal  Project (MAGP) Working as a Site Forester during the Pandemic I usually start my day at 6:00 AM. I savor my  breakfast and take short breathing exercises to  gather my senses for the day’s work ahead. As a  Site Forester, reporting… Continue reading Working as a Site Forester during the Pandemic