EDC spearheads Philippine Net Zero Carbon Business Alliance

EDC believes in the vital role of the private sector  in its mission of forging a regenerative future.  With this, EDC spearheaded the multi-sectoral  Net Zero Carbon Alliance (NZCA), a national  movement towards net-zero carbon emissions  among businesses in the country in which several  organizations responded to the call.  


The alliance was formed in September 2021, with  founding members from homegrown enterprises  such as ArthaLand property developer, Lopez  Group affiliate First Balfour construction company,  Drink Sustainability Communications Agency,  Silliman University in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental,  as well as local operations of multinational firms  Knowles Electronics and Unilever.  


The program will provide the members with a  framework to attain carbon neutrality. It will also  guide partners in tracking, monitoring, and offsetting  their carbon emissions, and acquiring a third-party  certification for their carbon emissions and offsets.  The alliance aims to provide its members access  to green financing and other capacity-building  tools. It also supports a network of like-minded  partners sharing the vision of a decarbonized and  regenerative tomorrow.  


Within the coalition, EDC will be sharing its  expertise as a carbon-negative company through its  100% renewable energy operations and its awardwinning reforestation and biodiversity conservation  initiatives.  


This initiative aligns with the country’s goal of  reducing the Philippine carbon emission to 75%. This  is part of the country’s commitment to the Nationally  Determined Contributions submitted to the global  COP21 Paris Climate Change agreement.