Elevating everything we touch

We remain mindful of our business operations’ direct and indirect impacts on our host and neighboring communities. At various stages of development and in the course of our operations, our site facilities may have varying levels of impact on them.


Guided by our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy, we strive to enhance the positive effects for  ur host communities. We believe that our presence helps catalyze our host communities towards positive and  roductive action. Ultimately, our strategic CSR programs aim to empower our different stakeholders  nd partner communities towards becoming proactive and self-reliant agents of their development to break  he cycle of poverty and dependence. Our social development initiatives are guided by local CSR  egulations, international standards, and best practices in community engagement.


We monitor and measure our impacts based on project objectives, quantitative targets, and simple  ost-benefit analysis. We also monitor and evaluate our initiatives through the bi-annual social  cceptability survey and other stakeholder feedback tools.


Guided by a strategic framework, our approach to social responsibility supports our business growth and  profitability, the continued protection and sustainability of the environment and its natural resources,  nd the long-term improvement of all our host communities’ quality of life.


Our commitment to social responsibility is tackled at the highest level of our organization. Our board of  irectors has a CSR Committee composed of at least three board members. They provide leadership and oversee  he management of our strategic CSR programs, enabling the company to deliver effective CSR  nitiatives that contribute significantly to our triple bottom line.


Our CSR Head Office provides strategic direction and technical assistance in the implementation of our CSR  ortfolio, while our CSR Site Teams lead the operationalization of CSR programs and other stakeholder engagement initiatives.