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26% increase

in ocean acidification has been recorded globally since the beginning of the industrial era.

99% of reefs

in the southeast Asian region will be affected by warming and acidification due to global warming by 2030.

50% of the Philippines’

total potential fish catch will be reduced by 2051-2060 as ocean acidification threatens marine line.


We see the promise of investing in preventive and preparedness initiatives through a holistic perspective. In EDC, we aim to cover a broader context—

one that includes our communities, stakeholders, capitals, environment, and beyond.


Our financial capital refers to the funds generated through business operations. Through our financial capital, we transformed the rest of our capitals into products and services for our customers. Our investor partnerships equip us to generate clean energy for businesses and households around the country.

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Our Natural Capital is utilized in our value creation process which includes water, solar, wind, crops, and carbon sinks. We transform these raw and renewable resources into energy that powers homes, business establishments, schools, and hospitals.

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Our Social and Relationship Capital encompasses our forged relationships and collaborations with all stakeholders, including partner organizations, national and local governments, suppliers, contractors, customers, and especially the communities we operate in.

Internally, our social capital is strengthened by volunteerism and the values of pampamilyang malasakit within our human capital.

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Our co-creators, employees, suppliers, and contractors are at the heart of our human capital. Their passion, commitment and motivation are the key drivers of the organization’s accomplishments. It is through their knowledge and skills that EDC delivers its goals to its stakeholders.

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Our Intellectual Capital comprises our brand, reputation, and organizational knowledge-based intangibles such as intellectual property rights, software, and licenses. This also covers our organizational capital such as systems, internal policies, procedures, and protocols. Through our intellectual capital, EDC developed strategic, data-based decisions that strengthen our regenerative agenda. These are extended to our host communities through collaborations in managing the impacts of natural catastrophe-related risks.

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Our Manufactured Capital includes the physical infrastructure, technology, and tools to provide and deliver products and services. This also covers geothermal steam fields, wells, power plants, assets, and facilities. These convert our resources into economic outputs and service goods for our customers and communities.

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What does it take to produce a kilowatt of clean, 24/7 renewable energy?

It begins with a choice. As we face an escalating climate crisis, pursuing renewable and sustainable energy is a smart and ethical step towards a clean and decarbonized future.​

It begins with a choice.
As we face an escalating
climate crisis, pursuing
renewable and sustainable
energy is a smart and ethical
step towards a clean and
decarbonized future.​

EDC with an established
Corporate Social Responsibility

Operational Highlights

In 2021, EDC consolidate revenue increased by PHP 4.75M to 43.6M from 37.6M in 2020. This is attributed to higher wholesale electricity spot market prices. However, there is also a decrease in our energy sales volume by .9% compared to the previous year.


Likewise, the recurring net income decreased by PHP 1.11M to 8.79 from 9.89M in 2020, and it is attributed to higher recurring expenses that are partly offset by higher recurring revenue, lower net interest expense, and lower provision for income tax.


EDC posted a net income of PHP 9.23M in 2021,  PHP 2.31M decrease from PHP 11.54M in 2020. This is due to higher costs of sale of electricity which is partly offset by higher revenue. Net income in 2021 represented 21.8% of total revenue compared to 30.7% in 2020.


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