EDC Integrated
Report 2022

Human Capital

EDC upholds its strong social and relationship capital by fostering proactive community engagement. This is essential in our operations, as maintaining good relationships with local communities and stakeholders is crucial to our inclusive and overall success. We implemented various sustainable development projects through partnerships with local government units, non-governmental organizations, and community groups, such as livelihood programs, education and scholarship opportunities, health and sanitation programs, and environmental conservation efforts. Our transparent and responsive communication channels with stakeholders strengthen our social and relationship capital, contributing to our long-term sustainability and growth.

Contribution to SGDs


  • 1,548 Employees
  • HR Service Delivery
  • Employee Engagement
  • Labor Relations
  • Vendor Accreditation
  • Talent Management
  • HR as strategic business partner
  • HR Systems, Support and Services enabling
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Continued  Work-from-Home Arrangements
  • Vaccination Program – Professional Counseling
  • Repurposing of Employee Benefits
  • Enhanced Healthcare Program
  • APCS-CI-Agile Culture**Accountability, Performance Orientation, Collaboration, and Safety (APCS); Continuous Improvement, (CI) Agile
  • Outputs

  • Highly engaged and resilient workforce
  • Holistic employee development
  • Increased productivity
  • Zero grievances and resolved employee discipline cases
  • Zero man hours lost due to industrial dispute
  • Change management and communication programs
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Digitization of HR operations
  • Value Created

  • Employee Satisfaction and highly engaged workforce
  • Enhanced employee experience
  • Industrial harmony
  • Future-fit organization
  • Professional talent pool
  • Seamless execution of HRSS processes
  • On-time delivery of HR Services
  • Risks

  • Optimizing talent development for leadership pipeline
  • Workforce competency
  • Internal governance competency
  • Compliance with Data Privacy Act
  • Health and safety
  • Climate change impacts
  • 33 Years of Service: My Journey with EDC in Leyte

    I am a Compliance Officer for Leyte and have been with the company for almost 33 years. Every morning, before going to work, I start my day by opening my laptop to prepare a list of my priorities for the day. But I always make sure to have breakfast with my wife and kids before heading to the office. 


    My journey with EDC began in 1991 when I started as a staff clerk and later became a warehouseman.  I have always wanted to work for EDC since my college days.  When I got married, I immediately applied for a job in the company to support my family’s needs.


    As a union leader, I always advocate  industrial peace and win-win solutions. I treat my colleagues with respect and initiate discussions to resolve misunderstandings. Although I have been through three strikes, I am also aware how much the company relies on its employees.


    One of my most unforgettable experiences was being the chairman of the employee alliance at our Bacman site. I learned that if we do not make firm decisions, chaos could ensue in different sites, and we need to coordinate with other site leaders to maintain industrial peace.


    Moreover, as a Compliance Officer, I always ensure that I do not receive any notice of violations from the regulatory agencies I handle.


    I have also witnessed how EDC addressed management issues over the decades. The company consistently introduces upgrades and new initiatives, and we are currently adapting to the corporate way of governing and management. 


    Moreover, I see EDC as a company that contributes to the development of the Philippines while also taking care of its employees and everyone we work with. In my career’s three decades, I believe no other company can match the care and support that EDC has given me.


    Regarding regenerative ideas, it is essential to have initiatives that society accepts. We need to survey what can help the company grow and develop while being accepted by society. Employees are strongly encouraged and empowered to propose initiatives for our company’s growth and development. With the CI (continuous improvement) approach, we have the freedom to contribute our ideas that may be technical, and we could help the company in ways that others may not see. Reporting a good catch isn’t always bad, as we can download regenerative ideas that could improve our performance and contribute to the company’s growth.


    As I prepare for another day at work, I reflect on my journey with EDC and feel grateful for the opportunities the company has given me as well as enabling me to provide for the needs of my family. One of the main reasons I work hard every day is to help my children finish their studies. Because of all these, I am committed to doing my best to ensure that the company continues to grow while likewise contributing to the betterment of society.

    Samuel Ramirez, Compliance Officer, EDC Leyte