EDC Integrated
Report 2022

Intellectual Capital

Our intellectual capital refers to our knowledge, skills, employee expertise, company systems, processes, and technology. With our extensive experience in developing and operating geothermal, wind, solar, and hydroelectric power plants, we accumulated valuable knowledge in various areas such as project management, engineering, and environmental sustainability. We also invest in research and development to enhance our technological capabilities and improve the efficiency of our operations.

Contribution to SGDs


  • Board of Innovation (BOI)  Accelerator Program
  • Endeavor Open Innovation
  • Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI)  Innovation Certification
  • 5-year Drilling Operations Program
  • Sweet Spot modeling
  • Purposeful Innovation Program
  • Integrated Management System Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems
  • Continuous Improvement Program
  • Asset Management
  • Natural Catastrophe Risk Management
  • DrillApp
  • Alternative Technologies (drone thermal mapping, Online/Offline Dissolution
  • Outputs

  • Enhanced Process Improvement, Reduced risks
  • Improved culture and behavior
  • Additional revenue and cost savings
  • Critical Asset Risk Register, LifeTime Asset Plan, Asset Investment Plan
  • Digital technology for smart exploration, development, and utilization
  • Sustainable steam and effective reinjection management
  • Additional revenue from smaller power consumers
  • Value Created

  • Integrated EDC systems and processes
  • Advanced resource and steamfield management
  • Optimum and sustainable management of EDC assets
  • Optimized well design
  • Risks

  • Asset owner governance inaccuracy
  • Data and resources projection
  • Climate change impacts
  • From Analyst to Innovator: Finding Growth and Development at EDC

    I have been working in EDC for the past eight years. During my time here, I have held different positions in various departments, including Business/Commercial Analyst for the Leyte Geothermal Business Unit (LGBU) and Program Management Officer for the Program Management Office.


    Currently, I Head our Innovation team where I work closely with different project managers, stakeholders, and sponsors to ensure the success of EDC’s Transformation program. My typical day includes meeting with various teams to conceptualize and plan different programs, conducting Case Team Meetings to challenge and improve ideas, and meeting with external partners for innovation.


    What I love about working at EDC is the constant evolution and improvement. Over the years, I have witnessed many changes in organizational structure and work processes. Agile ways of work have been adopted, cross-functional teams have become more common, and new tools and systems have been implemented.


    At EDC, I feel that my development and growth are prioritized. The company cares about my well-being and always puts its employees first. This is why I choose to stay and work here. Every day, I face new challenges and changing roles, which allow me to grow personally and professionally.


    To me, being regenerative means that nobody gets left behind. Everyone is a partner in our journey toward a more sustainable future. In my personal life, I try to reduce my carbon footprint by using reusable containers and bags, opting for public transportation, and supporting local businesses that prioritize sustainability. I believe that every little effort counts in positively impacting the environment.

    - Carlos Gabriel Yaptinchay, Head of Innovation