Taking the lead


Our Intellectual Capital comprises our brand, reputation, and organizational knowledge-based intangibles such as intellectual property rights, software, and licenses. This also covers our organizational capital such as systems, internal policies, procedures, and protocols. Through our intellectual capital, EDC developed strategic, data-based decisions that strengthen our regenerative agenda. These are extended to our host communities through collaborations in managing the impacts of natural catastrophe-related risks.


  • Integrated management system quality, environmental and safety management systems
  • Continuous improvement program
  • Asset management 
  • Natural catastrophe risk management
  • DrillApp


  • Enhanced process improvement, reduced risks
  • Improved culture and behavior
  • Additional revenue and cost savings
  • Critical Asset Risk Register, Life Time Asset Plan, Asset Investment Plan
  • Digital technology for smart exploration, development, and utilization 

Value Created

  • Integrated EDC systems and processes
  • Advanced resource and steamfield management
  • Optimum and sustainable management of EDC assets
  • Optimized well design 

Contribution to SDGs


  • Asset owner governance inaccuracy
  • Data and resources projection
  • Climate change impacts

Taking the lead

DC continues to implement an enterprise-wide performance management system, along with individual development plans, to provide everyone with equal opportunities for professional growth and development. 


We go beyond minimum wage standards, not only in our head office, but in all of our operating sites, with minimum wages that range between PHP 24,000 to PHP 36,000 for our Rank and File employees. This is above the regional minimum wage ranging from PHP 6,000 to PHP 11,000. We strive to identify the optimal rewards and recognition to attract the best talents, retain, engage, and effectively motivate all employees. 


Through our Empower Council and its members from the different functional groups and operating sites, we foster collaborative relationships anchored in harmonious discussions, and we also empower the employees to suggest initiatives aligned with their interests. We also devised a cadetship program for fresh graduates with a passion for renewable energy. After a selection process, the candidates would be hired as junior engineers.

Our commitment to open dialogue, transparent negotiations, and progressive employee relations have built strong partnerships with our 13 unions and led to significant improvements in our CBA negotiations through the years. 


EDC was forced to impose work-from-home and shelter-in-place work arrangements in its different offices and power plant facilities to protect the health and safety of its workers and their families due to the pandemic. However, this did not prevent the Company from proceeding with its simultaneous 2020 CBA negotiations because it wanted to sustain the goodwill and trust it had cultivated with the unions. 


Virtual conferencing facilities were used, and agreements were reached with the unions in a series of four meetings. Furthermore, no express expenses were incurred by both the management and union panels in successfully concluding its Collective Bargaining Agreements for the period of January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2021.

EDC is guided by our Operational Health and Safety (OHS) management, aligned with the requirements of ISO 45001. Our new Corporate Health, Safety and Environment Policy provides a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors, and stakeholders, as our team translates this into health and safety strategies, programs, and standards, communicated and applied consistently across the organization.


Our partner contractors are required to have their own OHS management plan and initiatives aligned with EDC’s standards and programs. We conduct fleet-wide safety training with experts for employees and contractors to ensure safety management throughout our operations.


We continuously practice incident reporting and record management to establish peer to peer assurance, collect, maintain, and monitor all necessary health and safety performance data, and conduct regular assessments and internal and external audits to ensure that we are meeting our goals and effectively managing OHS risks in our workplaces.

We provide our people with relevant training and career development to help them excel in their chosen fields, as well-trained and motivated employees strengthen our place in geothermal power and boost our global reputation. Therefore, we also support employee education, both in the Philippines and abroad. 


At EDC, we also finance relevant postgraduate courses and training in specialized non-degree courses. We likewise invest in upgrading skills and promote lifelong learning programs to ensure the continued employability of our people and their transition to retirement. 


To create a competent workforce in a positive environment, we ensure our people are empowered. We launched talent development initiatives to meet the supply and demand of capabilities in the industry.

EDC is an equal opportunity employer. We uphold this principle in our workplace and across all our sites. We do not discriminate against any persons seeking employment with the company and treat everyone with the respect and dignity that they deserve. 


EDC’s Wage and Salary Administration Policy guides our approach to promotions in the company. We evaluate, appraise, and compensate our employees based on their performance in the company.

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EDC is committed to upholding and protecting human rights at all levels of the organization. We exert efforts to ensure that the rights of our people are respected and protected. These rights include the right to a safe workplace and protection from unjust practices. We assess our operations, including investment agreements and contracts, for potential risks or impacts on human rights.


By adapting relevant HR technologies we supported the EDC leadership in decision-making, and it enabled us to capitalize on data for enhanced employee experience and seamless execution of HR Shared Services (HRSS) processes. Through our initiatives, the EDC HR department enforced policies and guidelines, and managed inherent risks in compliance with the Data Privacy Act and manpower costs. 


In 2021, the success of these activities was reflected in the full SLA compliance, on-time service deliveries, and zero data privacy breach incidents. All of these underscore EDC’s effective vendor management that values people. 

EDC is dedicated to protecting our labor force and promoting employee rights with our network of suppliers, as we only engage with legal contractors who comply with labor laws and have no labor or human rights cases. 


We require our business partners to submit an affidavit of compliance with minimum wage and other government-mandated benefits. The terms and conditions of our contracts require that our independent contractors strictly abide by all applicable laws governing labor, employment, and contracting. Additionally, as part of our requirements for vendor accreditation, vendors classified under contracting/subcontracting are required to submit a copy to the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) certification

EDC operates in compliance with the labor laws and upholds human rights in all our sites and facilities. We also engage our stakeholders—employees, customers, and shareholders—in this effort.


EDC has a Whistleblower Policy, encouraging our stakeholders to raise serious concerns involving labor practices and human rights violations. The policy also protects those who report on such matters from harassment, retaliation, reprisal, or any adverse consequences.

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