Labor Practices, Diversity, and Equal Opportunity

EDC is an equal opportunity employer. We uphold this principle in our workplace and across all our sites. We do not discriminate against any persons seeking employment with the company and treat everyone with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Promotions are based on an employee’s demonstrated readiness for the next level based on the capabilities shown in his/her contributions. We evaluate, appraise, and compensate our employees based on their performance in the company.

The Company operates in compliance with the labor laws and upholds human rights in all our sites and facilities. We also engage our stakeholders— employees, customers, and shareholders—in this effort. EDC has a Whistleblower Policy, encouraging our stakeholders to raise serious concerns involving labor practices and human rights violations. This includes reporting illegal and questionable activities or omissions, unethical behavior, fraud, and other malpractices before seeking resolution outside the company. The policy also protects those who report on such matters from harassment, retaliation, reprisal, or any adverse consequences. Our Protected Disclosure Policy provides procedures for whistleblowing, and the rights and responsibilities of the involved parties.