WHAT KEEPS ME GOING? “It is in our experiences that we get to feel alive. I can still add value to something, which motivates me to be in action. I enjoy seeing traditional and tested gimmicks work with technology and our agile approach. Sharing myself with others, through coaching the youth, being of assistance to those who I can uplift, and never getting tired of small things, such as my grandchild’s laughter, a sunset or sunrise, or a nice chat with my wife – these are the things that make me say, let’s do a day more.”

WHAT DOES BEING REGENERATIVE MEAN TO ME? “The best simile I can think of being regenerative is when one builds his own family. As the cliché goes, you are not thinking of yourself anymore when you become a parent. Every action, every decision you make impacts your child. Thus, you strive to better yourself and your environment to raise a child that exceeds the person you are. You build avenues, you labor so others can thrive. That is being regenerative for me, in a simple analogy.”

– Liberato S. Virata
Senior Vice President, Head of Facilities O&M Group and Project Management


  • Equity capital
  • Debt and grants
  • Internally Generated
  • Funds
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Portfolio Organization


  • Contracted capacity
  • Revenue growth
  • Income and cash flow generated
  • Steamfield and pwer plant assets under construction
  • NatCat resiliency improvements

Value Created

  • Directed value distributed
  • Internally-generated funds
  • Dividends to shareholders
  • Debt service to creditors

Contribution to SGDs


  • Mismatch in contacting cycles
  • Volatility of interest and foreign exchange rates Fund sourcing
  • Climate change impacts

Forging Collaborative Pathways for a Decarbonized and Regenerative Future

“I joined the then Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) EDC in April 1982. Having lived in Manila, I found life was lonely living in the mountains. We had rough roads and makeshift camps and only four exploration wells. I told myself I chose the wrong company and would resign after six months. But here I am, 39 years in the company and past my retirement age. Why?”

During EDC’s 45th anniversary, Senior Vice President Liberato S. Virata opened his speech with these lines, contemplating his growth and career trajectory with EDC over the years. And why, you might wonder. Below is a redacted excerpt of the rest of his story:

“First, I learned a lot in this company early in my career. Second, this company has expanded and improved significantly when privatized. We have many CSR activities and interactions with the community, and big contributions to protecting and preserving the environment. We are helping our community, and we are serving our country and mother earth as we fight climate change by providing indigenous and renewable energy sources.

I would say that the other things that have made me stay in EDC are the following:

First, we share core values. We are a family, and we make it a point to grow together. Dito sa EDC, dama mong totoo ang salitang Kapamilya! Second, people like you – you, kayo. I have gained friends for a lifetime in EDC, people that I know I will never find somewhere else. EDC loves to take care of its people – inside and outside the organization. They know that along with its technology and steam, one of its greatest assets is its people. Third, Our Purpose: I truly believe in EDC’s purpose— to build a regenerative future. The fact that I can see how the groups in EDC move to attain this purpose lights up a fire in me.”

Liberato S. Virata
Senior Vice President, Head of Facilities O&M Group and Project Management
EDC has stood the test of time, and for 45 years, we have been growing, progressing, and succeeding in our mission to build a regenerative tomorrow. Providing clean energy for the Filipinos has been our drive to invest in different indigenous power sources With leaders committed to being stewards of the environment, we started our BINHI program early on, and it is now the most prominent private sectorled greening initiative in the country. Rooted in the Filipino values of kinship and family, we cared for our people as they are our own - prioritizing their best interests. Understanding our impacts, we extended our care to our host communities and the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) communities in our areas of operations. Without their support and help in caring for our natural resources, it will not be possible for us to deliver to our customers. And lastly, our investors, whose trust and support enabled and empowered EDC to perform all of its functions through the years.
A fitting milestone to mark EDC’s 45th anniversary, the Company raised PHP 5 billion from oversubscribed ASEAN Green Bonds. The first tranche was issued out of the PHP 15 billion shelf registration. With these Green bonds, the public can support and finance renewable energy projects spearheaded by EDC.

In bringing forward the regenerative agenda through education, EDC held a Virtual Race Philippines event - the “Race for a Regenerative Future,” where participants complete a target distance within a given virtual race period. The event had 420 racers nationwide and raised PHP 338,015 in donations, split evenly between two EDC-supported foundations -- Keitech Educational Foundation and Mt. Apo Foundation, Inc.

Through our BINHI program, we also raised PHP 25.7 million for environment and watershed initiatives. For 2021, BINHI focused on protecting forests and watersheds, reforestation of degraded watersheds, rescuing and mainstreaming the most threatened Philippine native tree species, and conserving biodiversity in EDC-managed forests.

With an understanding that we cannot do this alone, we partnered with like-minded individuals and organizations. Even with the ongoing pandemic, we increased our network of partners in our BINHI program - expanding our community dedicated to building a decarbonized and regenerative future.

In Forest Protection, we upheld our role as deputized manager of watersheds in geothermal reservations and partnered with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in conducting foot and drone patrols. In Leyte, we also established local protection groups for six barangays in Ormoc City, as well as a Multi-Sectoral Forest Protection Council (MFPC) in partnership with the DENR, the local government, the Philippine National Police (PNP), Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), environmental nongovernment organizations (NGOs), and the media. EDC also successfully organized the Kanlaon Green Brigade (KGB) in Negros Occidental, and Task Force Bantay Kabtangan (TFBK) in Negros Oriental.

In our Biodiversity Conservation and Flagship Species Initiatives (FSI), we worked with the resident experts and wildlife biologists and foresters from the University of the Philippines (UP)- Institute of Biology, Siliman University in Negros Oriental, and the Philippine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PBCFI) in Negros Occidental. BCMP reported a total of 514 unique species in EDC-managed project sites, with more than half of the species being endemic or found only in these local areas.

As part of our FSI, we introduced two of our flagship species to the Kidapawan City Tourism Council, which led to the adoption of the Apo Myna and Almaciga as Kidapawan City’s flagship species. BINHI was also part of the 29th Philippines Biodiversity Symposium organized by the Biodiversity Conservation Society of the Philippines. EDC presented its FSI program to hundreds of wildlife researchers, scientists, and conservationists at the event. We also partnered with DENR Region 5, the local government of Albay, and the Albay Parks and Wildlife to create an arboretum in the community. In Palawan, we forged a partnership with the Philippine Parks and the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development (PCSD) to conserve rare and threatened tree species

Europe-based Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) also extended its partnership grant with EDC for two more years to assess and conserve additional 200 Philippine endemic tree species and 470 near-endemic species. Signifying our commitment to being a zero-waste company, we partnered with The Plastic Flamingo (The Plaf), a French social enterprise, for its plastic-to-shelter project.

For our Forest Carbon Project, we have partnered with the DENR Forest Management Bureau (FMB) to work on our Carbon Accounting, Verification, and Certification System (CAVCS) to acquire verified carbon certificates

The expanse of the task at hand may be daunting, but we take comfort in knowing we have allies in this radical and much-needed change of ways. Further, we take pride in harnessing our heritage and expertise in leading the nation on a greener path toward a decarbonized and regenerative future.

Our Value Creation Process

EDC Value Chain

The Energy Development Corporation (EDC) is the Philippines’ largest 100% renewable energy (RE) company. EDC strives to be a regenerative, low-carbon business, providing reliable, clean, cost-competitive energy. Most of EDC’s portfolio is baseload geothermal, but it also includes hydro, wind, and solar energy sources.

EDC has expertly generated geothermal power in the Philippines for over four decades. Geothermal is the most reliable, stable source of baseload renewable energy, enabling EDC to deliver on its commitment of Geo 24/7.

EDC’s activities include exploration, development, operation, and maintenance of geothermal steam fields and power plants, as well as wind and solar power farms and hydroelectric power plants. EDC’s operations and activities are aligned with our vision of a regenerative future for the Philippines. We proactively embed and implement strategies and processes to minimize our carbon footprint, care for the environment, and create and share value with our society.

EDC Historical Timeline

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