EDC Integrated
Report 2022

Manufactured Capital

EDC recognizes the importance of our manufactured capital, which encompasses the infrastructure, equipment, and technologies required for our operations. To generate renewable energy effectively and reduce our environmental impact, we employ advanced technologies in our geothermal facilities. Moreover, we regularly invest in maintaining and upgrading our facilities to ensure their reliability, safety, and compliance with regulations. We reduce our operational costs and carbon footprint by implementing energy efficiency measures as we continue to dominate the country’s renewable power industry with its wide-ranging facilities across the nation, providing a total installed capacity of 1,480.2 MW.

Contribution to SGDs


  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Equipment Upgrades and Maintenance
  • Control System Integration
  • Planned Maintenance Shutdowns
  • Natural Catastrophe Resiliency Program
  • Asset Management Program
  • Typhoon-proofing of facilities
  • Digital weather forecast and seismic sensors
  • Wells Services and Monitoring
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Outputs

  • High Reliability and Availability of Steam Fields and Power Plants
  • Improved Resilience of Assets to Climate Change and Geohazards
  • Total Steam Delivered : 68.72 Million metric tonnes
  • Completed Construction Of Geohazard/ Landslide Mitigation Measures
  • Completed Forest Fire Control Measures
  • Completed Earthquake Resilience Measures
  • Completed Other Enablers (Weather, slope, earthquake, data)
  • NatCat Site Technical Teams
  • Value Created

  • Improved Equipment Reliability
  • Climate Change and Natural Catastrophe Resiliency
  • Improved safety and prevented prolonged outages due to natural catastrophe
  • Sustained generation of EDC’s existing geothermal fields
  • Geothermal resource management
  • Expanded the business, exploration, and development locally and internationally
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Technologies that will add revenue or improve efficiency to generate power
  • Risks

  • Project execution
  • Equipment durability and reliability
  • Geothermal capacity
  • Climate change impacts
  • Forced outages
  • Other natural calamities (e.g., earthquakes)
  • 28 Years and Counting: My Journey as
    Head of Resource Management at EDC

    I am proud to have been part of the company for over 28 years. Over the years, I have witnessed how the company has become the country’s largest geothermal energy producer and vertically integrated geothermal company.


    It has been an incredible journey that started when the company was still known as the Philippine National Oil Company – Energy Development Corporation (PNOC-EDC), a government-owned and controlled corporation.


    My current position usually starts with checking updates from the previous day through SMS, chats, and emails before attending virtual meetings and coordinating with teammates and relevant personnel. Site visits to BacMan are also part of my schedule, and I always stay on top of issues needing immediate attention.


    I choose to work at EDC because of its noble intentions, world-class operations, and commitment to caring for its employees. It is a company that every employee should be proud of, and I plan to stay with it until I eventually retire.


    Being regenerative is about elevating and impacting positively on people, the environment, and the community. It’s not just about restoration or rejuvenation but something more sublime. A good example is engaging in creative activities that make a positive difference.


    As EDC employees, we take pride in our company’s promotion: to forge collaborative pathways for a decarbonized and regenerative future. Our mission requires everyone to be regenerative in everything we do. It’s a call and challenge to everyone in the company to adopt this mindset, and if we all do our share, we can become fully regenerative.

    - Eugene T. Aleman, Resource Management Operations - Production Optimization