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EDC Integrated
Report 2023

EDC Integrated
Report 2023

Human Capital:
Elevating our Co-Creators

With EDC’s commitment to renewable energy, we understand that our employees are no different from any of the resources we strive to sustain and protect. This is reflected in our various investments toward helping our people excel in their roles while also recognizing their efforts to go above and beyond what the job demands. EDC understands that for our Company to grow beyond our current capabilities, we must invest the time, energy, and resources to make our people better—whether they be employees, contractors, or other personnel involved in our operations. We hope that these investments and recognition of their accomplishments will not only empower them with the responsibilities of their roles, but also align them with EDC’s Mission, Vision, and Purpose.

Contribution to SGDs


  • Culture of pampamilyang malasakit
  • 1,443 engaged employees
  • Labor Relations
  • Enhanced Healthcare Program
  • Remote work arrangements with curated Face-to-Face
  • Diversity, Equality, Inclusion policy
  • Individual Development Programs


  • Culture of pampamilyang malasakit
  • Engaged and resilient workforce
  • Improved holistic employee development
  • Increased productivity


  • Improve HSE

TOWER Awardees Sustainable Personal Growth With EDC’s Malasakit Culture

Kim, Erap, and Atan

The working days of Kim, Erap, and Atan start like most days for anyone in EDC: going through their own personal routines, taking care of personal matters, and getting ready to face the demands of the day’s responsibilities. But behind the day-to-day tasks of each employee lies a rich and personal story about their career with EDC, particularly how they got here and why they chose to stay.

For Kay Kimberly “Kim” Kobayashi, her journey as a geochemist is the foundation of her work with EDC and reflects her commitment to EDC’s overall mission of serving the Filipino people. As a current member of the Leyte geothermal reservoir evaluation team, she always strives to embody the quintessential Filipino values of camaraderie and collaboration in her work.

As a Mechanical Technician, quality and innovation are what drive Joseph “Erap” Estrada to excel at his duties every day. Having found personal fulfillment in EDC’s sustainable development goals, he continues to uphold his responsibilities while aligning his personal goals with EDC’s long-term vision for a more sustainable Philippine energy sector.

Jonathan “Atan” Salidaga’s role as a Flow Test & Sampling Geochemist complements his responsibilities as the Nominated Supervisor of the Field Geochemistry Department, helping his team align with EDC’s own Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) standards. Apart from field testing, his other duties reflect his commitment to upholding a safe work environment for everyone.

These three individuals with different responsibilities embody traits that EDC strives to develop in our employees: meticulous attention to detail, the agency to take initiative, and most importantly, the culture of malasakit.

“EDC promotes malasakit culture,” says Atan. “In effect, EDC prioritizes the safety and welfare of its employees before any production.” This understanding and prioritization of people is one of the primary reasons why he has built a long career with the Company. “EDC values their employees’ well-being and offers a healthy work-life balance that can be more appealing, as it supports a sustainable and enjoyable career.”

Kim elaborates on the trait of malasakit in her way: “I joined EDC because it is a Filipino company, serving the Filipino people.” It is this ideal of putting the Filipino people at the forefront of their operations that also aligns with her ideals. “My values align with EDC’s own goals, so I choose to work here.”

Erap sees EDC’s own malasakit culture embodied in how the Company pursues progress. “I’m attracted to EDC’s innovative culture, which fosters collaboration and encourages creativity in dynamic environments. Contributing fresh ideas to the company’s initiatives excites me.” Innovation aside, it is also the community-centric aspect of EDC that makes him stay with the Company.

All of these employees echo the same sentiments: about how EDC takes care of its people—our Co-Creators—by promoting a culture of innovation and personal growth.

As 2023 Rotary Club Manila’s TOWER (The Outstanding Workers of the Republic) Awardees, these sentiments have allowed Kim, Erap, and Atan to demonstrate the exceptional and outstanding innovations expected of those who win this honor. Their efforts contribute to EDC’s efficiency, productivity, and performance—and have earned them the distinguished honor of being recognized for their actions and care for others in the workplace.

This sense of care drives each of them to excel and go beyond their responsibilities in their roles. But more than simply awarding them for their efforts, each employee understands the role they play within the wider landscape of EDC’s own operations—and, by extension, their ongoing role in the development of renewable energy in the country.

“EDC manages their employees well,” says Kim. Atan agrees, saying, “Working with EDC is not only working for myself but also helping our future generations.” Erap’s viewpoint

is more practical but no less impactful: “By ensuring the efficient operation and maintenance of our renewable energy equipment, I play a crucial role in maximizing the performance and lifespan of our sustainable energy assets.”

EDC is committed to supporting our employees, helping them not only exceed their own goals at work but also with their own personal ambitions and plans for the future. Even as each one continues with their duties every day, it is the knowledge and confidence that they have in EDC’s commitment to support their growth that drives their sustainability efforts.

EDC hopes that the recognition of these three employees (alongside the work ethics, personal values, and experiences that they have had) will inspire other employees with

the confidence to move forward with their growth at the Company. As EDC’s malasakit culture remains at the forefront of how we take care of our employees, it is our sincerest wish that this culture extends to their care for everyone around them.

The TOWER Awards is conferred to employees for their exceptional and outstanding innovations which have significantly contributed to a department or to company’s overall efficiency, productivity, and performance. It was founded in 1975 by the Rotary Club of Manila which in recent years has partnered with People Management Association of the Philippines and Department of Labor and Employment in giving this annual recognition.