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EDC Integrated
Report 2023

EDC Integrated
Report 2023

Intellectual Capital:
Going Beyond Sustainable Solutions

EDC’s intellectual capital and assets are central to our capabilities for strategizing our next moves in our journey towards a sustainable and regenerative future. With our extensive experience and diverse renewable energy portfolio, we continuously expand our knowledge

base to ensure our place as a leading figure in the country’s renewable energy industry. We also leverage our various investments into new technologies, processes, and research to give our operations the highest degree of efficiency possible.

Contribution to SGDs


  • Integrated Management System; Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems
  • Natural Catastrophe Risk Management
  • New technologies for well-casing integrity
  • Advanced chemical technologies for cleaning and maintaining wells
  • Advanced Smart Steamfield Technologies for well collapse detection
  • Lower Unplanned Well Outage Rate of 0.9% versus our 2% target, with a gain of 84.8 GWh.


  • Integrated EDC systems and processes
  • Advanced resource and steamfield management
  • Initiated optimum and sustainable management of EDC assets
  • Developed low-cost well design


  • Fully-funded business plan
  • Utilization of internal and external resources
  • Shared value framework

Making Informed Decisions and Understanding Why We Do What We Do
Maria Christina H. Caluag,
Senior Risk Manager, Risk and Insurance Management

Maria Christina Caluag wasn’t always interested in sustainability. “I have been working for 33 years across the banking and financial services industry, and I thought I had it all figured out.” But after being in the same industry for so long, she decided to make a change that would turn out to be one of her proudest moments: “I wanted to work for a local company that is related to the environment and will allow me to be a contributor to making the planet a better place.”

After a year of working at EDC, Chris couldn’t feel more blessed about her responsibilities. Her work with risk management also allows her to be directly involved in furthering EDC’s mission to mitigate the Philippines’ energy crisis through the use of renewables. She

shares that EDC’s goals of creating a sustainable and regenerative future blend well with her values and goals.

Now, her days are filled with purpose-driven action in both her career and personal life, looking out for risks that can affect or endanger what could be a promising future. “Risk management and culture will always be at the core of the success and longevity of any business organization.” And while EDC aims to mitigate the energy risks that the Philippines may soon face, Chris also understands her role in ensuring that EDC itself doesn’t fall victim to its risks.

“Like all employees, I believe in being an agent of change for the good of EDC,” she says. By identifying risks and helping determine how the Company can avoid them, Chris helps EDC thrive in its Mission and Goals—and, by extension, all the customers that EDC serves as well.