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EDC Integrated
Report 2023

EDC Integrated
Report 2023

Natural Capital: In Pursuit
of Harmonious Power Generation

EDC’s role as an energy provider gives us a unique responsibility to the environment, which is why the preservation of our natural capital is central to our regenerative strategy. We strive to keep the impact of our operations on the surrounding environment

to a minimum while continuously providing value to our customers. We actively pursue innovative solutions, long-term partnerships, and environmental initiatives to safeguard our natural capital long-term.

Contribution to SGDs


  • Brine Optimization Power Plants
  • Reduction of Carbon Emissions
  • BINHI Program
  • Forest Carbon
  • GHG Accounting
  • Watershed Management
  • Climate Forecasting.
  • Comprehensive Watershed Management and Biodiversity Conservation and Monitoring Program


  • Increased decarbonization with carbon sequestration of at least 1.7M tCO2e
  • Adapted facilities to climate change
  • Provided appropriate generation projection to lenders
  • Contributed to Circular Economy
  • Maintained healthy watersheds
  • Ensured no net forest loss
  • 5,985,481 tonnes of CO2 avoided in lieu of coal