EDC Integrated
Report 2022

About the Cover

EDC is the Philippines’ leading 100% renewable energy producer, and has been primarily exploring, developing, operating, and utilizing geothermal energy since 1976. At the heart of EDC’s overall mission is its vision of a regenerative future manifested through impactful environmental and social programs implemented in every EDC facility. It aims to enhance the ecosystem and uplift the lives of those in its partner communities exponentially.

Value Chain

As the top 100% renewable energy company in the Philippines, EDC is focused on being a sustainable, low-carbon business that provides reliable, clean, and affordable energy. Its  portfolio includes geothermal, hydro, wind, and solar sources, with geothermal being the most reliable and stable.


The operations of EDC are aligned with its vision of a regenerative future for the Philippines, implementing strategies to reduce our carbon footprint, care for the environment, and create value for society.

2022 in Summary

EDC’s achieved its targets across all capitals in 2022 by focusing on key priorities such as Health, Safety, and Environment performance, stabilization of base generation, and achieving financial and growth targets.