Workplace Safety and Regenerative Culture Integration

In EDC, we strive to always go beyond compliance; hence we continued our Health, Safety and Environment (“HSE”) Generative Culture programs and other business as usual tasks (e.g., compliance management, risk assessments, inspections, preparation of safety standards and guidelines, coordination meetings) for 2021:

1. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Regenerative Culture programs including
• Good Catch – Standardized management approach of HSE observations and nearmisses, encouraging our people to promote workplace safety with themselves and others at all times
• HSE Conversations – Senior management listening to and engaging a worker or group of workers on HSE matters
• HSE Rewards – Incentives for HSE activities displayed such as safe behavior and workplace HSE improvements. The incentives are introduced through a points system with the rewards redeemable as electronic cash gifts.
• HSE Academy – Self-paced online HSE learning platform
• 42KM – bimonthly online event where employees engage on topics relating to culture transformation and raise their issues on HSE for quick resolution

2. Safety Risk Management
• Road Transport Safety – Installed In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS), including GPS and dashboard cameras, to add a layer of on-theroad safety monitoring
• General Setting to Work – a new work authorization process for all geothermal facilities, implemented with existing EDC safety rules to manage inherent occupational safety hazards

3. Emergency Management
• Released bulletins on emergency management
• Conducted refresher trainings and seminars on incident command systems, employee emergency preparedness, emergency medical response, and hazardous material emergency response
• Contractor HSE Management – Launched HSE Contractors Forum to improve HSE performances of our partners and further strengthen the relationship between the Company and our contractors. The forum also promotes 100% fulfillment of all applicable HSE compliance obligations.
• Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control (HIRAC) Process – Sustained participation and consultation with affected workers